Japanese Doramas: Best June Premieres

I will list the new products that I am going to follow and that interest me at least a little bit (even though there are very few of them).

Convenience Store Saet Byul (Backstreet Rookie)

Why it is worth watching: the past failed project of Ji Chang-wook must be compensated for. I like both the actor and the actress. The plot is very straightforward but if you mix the genres in the right proportions, the result can be extremely good.

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When Animation Artists Really Did a Very Good Job

Benedict Cumberbatch as the Smaug dragon

Here is what the actor recalls about his role in The Hobbit:

remember saying to Peter: “Are you serious? I got the role of a dragon?” He told me: “YesyesYour audition tapes are just perfect!


We are very satisfiedHoweveryou can play someone else!” Me: “Can I play the dragon only?” — “But you are already playing the dragon!” “Yesbut I want to act out it physically using motion capture technology and facial expressions!” “Wellyou can do it if you want.” That is how it all began. <…> The trick is that he is not just a dragonsome kind of reptile that can breathe fire and fly. He speaks English and has emotionsfearjealousypridevanity. It was important for me to convey all of these emotions.

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4 Best Films about Troubled Teens


Friends living in a poor neighborhood of Naples became tired of the constant struggle and poverty. They formed a street gang to enjoy the joys of freedom and easy money. They started off as petty hooligans but grew into dangerous robbers working for the mafia. This drama film was selected to compete for the Golden Bear at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival. The movie won the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay.

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Best Halle Berry Movies

It is hard to believe, but Halle Berry is 53 years old. She looks amazing for her age! This Hollywood beauty still makes men go crazy. Let us recall some of the best Halle Berry movies.


This is one of my favorite thriller movies. I became a fan of Holly Berry after watching it. I never miss her movies since then. Gothika has a non-standard and extremely interesting screenplay. It was filmed in a real prison, which is located in Canada. I am more than sure that the movie would not be the same it it were not for Holly Berry. She played her part perfectly, demonstrating amazing acting talent.

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Three Good Actresses Who Don’t Famous Anymore

Sherilyn Fenn

As for me, Sherilyn Fenn looked amazing when she was young. A gorgeous brunette with blue eyes, she was the embodiment of the perfect woman for me.


In 1986, she starred with Charlie Sheen in the thriller “The Wraith”. Later, she got a major role in the 1988 film “Two Moon Junction”. David Lynch noticed her and invited to “Twin Peaks”, his cult television series. Sherilyn played a lustful but intelligent schoolgirl with the speaking name Horne.

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