Films With Pamela Anderson Besides Baywatch

Days of Our Lives 

The debut of Pamela Anderson was in 1984 in a melodramatic serial “Days of Our Lives”. It was one of the most long-lasting projects in the USA. Pamela’s character was called Sindy. But didn’t her character get that name because Pamela looked like the doll with the same name? 

Home Improvement

After moving to Los Angeles Pamela was casted as a supporting actress in “Home Improvement” serial. During the first two seasons she was appearing on screens as an assistant of the main character, the broadcaster of a TV program about renovation. Her task was to give her partner the tools, which was always a disaster. In 1997 she appeared in one of the episodes again, but being a world star already. 



“Snapdragon” of 1993 is the first movie where Pamela Anderson was offered one of the leading female parts together with another beauty and photo model – Chelsea Field.

Raw Justice

The film “Raw Justice” of 1994 appeared in Pamela’s filmography as the first one where she had a leading role. Though the thriller wasn’t much followed and didn’t get any rewards. 

Barb Wire

A fiction action film “Barb Wire” of 1996 is one of the most favourite Pamela’s projects among her fans. Perhaps because of her hot appearance here. Her character’s name is Barbara “Barb Wire” Kopetski, and the film itself is based on the comics. Surprising, but right for this role Pamela was awarded with the Golden Raspberry as the worst actress of the year.