4 Best Films about Troubled Teens


Friends living in a poor neighborhood of Naples became tired of the constant struggle and poverty. They formed a street gang to enjoy the joys of freedom and easy money. They started off as petty hooligans but grew into dangerous robbers working for the mafia. This drama film was selected to compete for the Golden Bear at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival. The movie won the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay.

Hot Summer Nights

In this 2017 drama film, Timothée Chalamet plays an awkward teenager traumatized by the death of his father. Her mother sends him to spend the summer with his aunt on Cape Cod. The poor boy failed to fit in the glamorous touristic world. He really wanted to find a friend but could not find a common ground with anyone. One day, he helped the most dangerous guy in town and started to sell weed with him. However, then he met her sister and fell in love at first sight…

True History of the Kelly Gang

The world-famous Australian criminal Ned Kelly has killed myriads of policemen and robbed many banks. He had been facing the injustice of the British authorities at a young age. The boy born in a poor family received his first term when he was only a child. It happened after his imperious mother made him assist a disgusting criminal. Even though Ned Kelly tried to change his life, he just couldn’t.


This 2009 crime drama film is set in 1970s England. While Margaret Thatcher is implementing reforms that do not meet the interests of the working class, children of ordinary hard workers from poor families have to work at the factory throughout the day. The only thing that makes them feel better is football. However, they are not playing the game themselves. Instead, they root clubs. These football hooligans from bands and fight to the death with the fans of competing teams.