When Animation Artists Really Did a Very Good Job

Benedict Cumberbatch as the Smaug dragon

Here is what the actor recalls about his role in The Hobbit:

remember saying to Peter: “Are you serious? I got the role of a dragon?” He told me: “YesyesYour audition tapes are just perfect!


We are very satisfiedHoweveryou can play someone else!” Me: “Can I play the dragon only?” — “But you are already playing the dragon!” “Yesbut I want to act out it physically using motion capture technology and facial expressions!” “Wellyou can do it if you want.” That is how it all began. <…> The trick is that he is not just a dragonsome kind of reptile that can breathe fire and fly. He speaks English and has emotionsfearjealousypridevanity. It was important for me to convey all of these emotions.

Amazing animation details in Frozen 2

The long-awaited sequel lived up to the most of the fans’ expectations. It was absolutely perfect from the visual perspective. The animated film looked great and had incredible animations. Beautiful high-quality pictures and meticulous details made Frozen 2 even better.

The Lion King (2019 film)

Unfortunately, this film did not live up to many expectations. Nevertheless, it received nomination for Best Animated Feature Film at the 77th Golden Globe Awards. The animation designers, including the lead artist James Chinlund, certainly did a great job creating the visuals for the blockbuster.

Star WarsThe Rise of Skywalker (2019)

This film received a rather hostile reception from both critics and regular viewers. However, i have to admit that this movie is perfect from a visual standpoint (just like the other Star Wars films). Visual effects artist Colin Cantwell is one of the men responsible for the looks of the blockbuster.