Almost Demi: A Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Love Story

Many people are arguing that Bruce Willis’ young wife is very similar to the first one. Emma Heming looks almost identical to Demi Moore.

Bruce have known Emma Heming for a long time. The brunette beauty used to be his friend. Young Emma (she was only 32 at that time while Bruce was 55) was well aware of his previous wife. Nevertheless, she started a romance with him. Willis proved himself a true gentleman.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Bruce’s both ex-wife and daughters never had bad feelings about Emma. At the same time, some people noticed that the young model is a copy of Demi Moor. They claimed that she is just yet another short-term girlfriend used by Bruce to replace his former wife.

In fact, they were wrong. Bruce Willis truly fell in love with Emma. The mutual passion of the beautiful brunette inspired him. In March 2009, they had a luxurious wedding. According to friends and relatives, the bride looked amazingly good while Bruce seemed much younger and happier.

According to Zoomboola, Emma and Bruce have two daughters. The actor has five children overall. By the way, they will have their tenth wedding anniversary soon. Demi Moore and their three daughters are invited! By the way, they have been self-isolating together as a huge family.