Why do they even post it? A failed manicure of Hollywood masters

Star in shock! And me too…

Leafing through the Instagram accounts of eminent masters, to whom world stars of show business go, you inevitably begin to wonder: why so many cool materials have been made in Europe and America, and often you cannot look at the final client work without tears?

Either the clients don’t bother, or the timing of 30 minutes for the whole work, or our pedantic masters have spoiled their eyes. Let’s evaluate together the state of affairs?

Tom Bachik

Among the clients of Tom Bachik are Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Beyonce and many other celebrities. His manicures are often seen on hands holding an Oscar. Let’s take a closer look at the work!

Tom Bachik Orange Nails

From: https://www.instagram.com/tombachik/

The shape of the nails is sawn off in different ways, the cuticle is removed in flakes and tomorrow it will go with burrs, the strips are glued with different indents and unevenly on the little finger.

How to fix: bring the nails “to the same denominator”, polish the cuticle with a diamond or silicone carbide cutter, try on a strip before applying and mark the central axis of the nail so that the sticker does not slide off.

Next work is generally incomprehensible to me. Nails of different shade and length on different hands have taken root with us, that’s okay. But the coating is butt to the untreated cuticle with streaks, a different shape on all nails and a ton of rubbing in the side rollers …

Tom Bachik Blue and Silver Manicure

From: https://www.instagram.com/tombachik/

How to fix: I would ask to redo such work in the salon, starting with sawdust. If you need different hands, at least bring the nails to the same shape on each hand. Get a manicure, remove cuticles. After applying the rub in, carefully remove the remaining pigment with a brush or a brush so that the top does not flow over them. Before the photo, send the client to wash his hands from rubbing residues!

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Jenny longworth

Jennie is known as the master who did a huge number of manicures for the Vogue photo shoots, as well as Rihanna’s permanent master. However, most of her works will only cause bewilderment for a Russian master and a client. Let’s look!

Jenny longworth's Nail Art

From: https://www.instagram.com/jennynails/

The idea with a transparent nail is good, as long as there is no free edge – it will look very careless when growing back. And these are tips! In Russia, this method of building up has become a thing of the past for a long time, now the trend is options that look more natural and aesthetically pleasing. But not only that, there is also a technical mistake: the tips are placed right butt to the skin and are not filing – this option looks like cheap false nails. And he will either quickly give detachment, or it will be very inconvenient to grow with a “side” around the cuticle and lateral ridges.

How to fix: perform modeling on the forms and slightly camouflage the area of ​​the free edge of the natural nail.

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Mei Kawajiri

Mei Kawajiri is a craftsman who has worked with the Balenciaga brand for many years. Her work is often bold and experimental, but I also want to ask a couple of questions.

Nails by Mei KawajiriFrom: https://www.instagram.com/nailsbymei/

And again the tips, but this time at least decently sawn in the cuticle area. But why leave such an unviable length and offsuit shape? There are even holographic glitters on all nails, which usually hide small jambs, do not save the situation. And at such a length, the nails not only bend: it is clearly visible that they look in different directions and are already practically intersecting! The cuticles and fingers are covered with oil, so the quality of the manicure is impossible to assess.

How to fix: reduce the length to a more harmonious one, bring the nails to the same shape, remodel, especially the middle and index fingers on the right hand.

And here is a classic French jacket modeled on the forms. There are so many designs, apparently, to hide smiles of different shapes, but it’s still noticeable. The sides of the form are cut unevenly, the nails are simply mowed in different directions. The manicure is done very roughly, the fingers are all in abrasions and wounds – it hurts to look at!

White and Pink Nails by Mei KawajiriFrom: https://www.instagram.com/nailsbymei/

How to fix: wait for the hands to heal, remove the design, correct the shape with sawdust, removing part of the length. Correct smiles by redrawing the flaws of the jacket with gel paint.

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