Old But Still Brutal Hollywood Stars

Mel Gibson

I feel nostalgic recalling the times when I first saw the Mad Max trilogy and the movies of the Lethal Weapon franchise. Mel Gibson was great in those films! He is 64 years old now. However, the actor still looks awesome. Mel stays as fit as he was in his younger days.

Benicio Del Toro

Benicio Del Toro debuted in cinema in the late eighties, but the peak of its popularity came in the mid 1990s. He starred in such films as The Unusual Suspects, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Snatch, Traffic, and more. Benicio is 53 years old right now but he continues to play cool guys.

Sean Bean

Before Sean Bean became a worldwide-known actor, he worked a variety of odd jobs like shoveling snow, selling cheese in the supermarket, and a welder in his father’s shop. Nowadays, he if familiar to millions of people from all over the globe. I enjoy his films but he is known as an actor who dies in every single movie. He is over 60 years old already.

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin caused a lot of problems for the Avengers when he played Thanos, a charismatic supervillain of the Marvel Universe. Nevertheless, he starred in plenty of other great movies. My favorites are Hollow Man, No Country for Old Men, American Gangster, Sicario, and True Grit. The actor is 52 years old right now. He will appear in the upcoming “Dune” reboot directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Hollywood Actresses Who Became More Famous Than Their Parents

Jon Voight, Marcheline Bertrand and Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is the daughter of famous actors Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. The couple has starred in the 1983 movie “Lookin’ to Get Out” together.

They divorced soon after Angie’s birth. Marcheline quit acting to raise Angelina and her brother while Jon Voight continued to build his career in Hollywood. Eventually, he won the Academy Award for Best actor and four Golden Globe awards.

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